Trail Scales Jeep Kits Installation Guide for TJ, JK, JL and JT's



Required Supplies for Install:

  • Glass cleaner containing Ammonia
  • Decal installation Squeegee.
  • Fishing line to remove badges.
  • Hair dryer to heat up and remove any decals.
  • Goo Gone or other paint cleaner to remove any sticky reside from decals.
  • Clay Bar & Quick Detailer.
  • Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle.

Installation Instructions:

*It is recommended to have a second person help with your Trail Scales installation*

  • Trail Scales are best installed indoors, free of wind and the elements. After installation, they need to cure for 24hrs before being exposed to direct sun, rain, or other weather. This will ensure the best performance of the Trail Scales and adherence to your Jeeps surface.
  • If you have any accessories on your Jeep that interfere with the installation of your Trail Scales it is best to remove them before beginning your installation. Most commonly after market fenders can come up higher then factory and may need to be loosed off to create space for the Trail Scales underneath.
  • If you have any armor such as rocker guards, you will need to measure your Trail Scales and hand cut them with a sharp knife to clearance them to match your armor.
  • Remove any decals from your Jeep. It is recommended to remove any factory decals from your Jeep for the optimal installation of your Trail Scales.
  • If installing on a JK or JKU, you need to remove your circular “Trail Rated” badge. Your Trail Scales have a cut out for the “Trail Rated” badge, however, the badge on the Jeep is installed by hand at the factory and is in a variety of positions. You can reinstall the “Trail Rated” badge after with some two sided tape, and have it perfectly aligned in the cut out on the Trail Scales.
  • Prep painted door surface using a clay bar to remove any contaminants on your paints surface. This is very important as anything stuck to the paint of your Jeep will cause an air space under the Trail Scale.
  • Once you are done preparing your Jeep, run your hand across the surface of your paint and try to feel for anything stuck to it. Repeat clay bar process until paint is smooth.
  • Spray down the entire surface of your Jeep with rubbing alcohol and wipe clean with a clean cloth to take off any oils or chemicals that may affect your installation.
  • Spray the surface of your Jeep door with a liberal amount of glass cleaner that contains ammonia. It is critical that there is ammonia in your glass cleaner, as it is need to foster proper adhesion of the Trail Scale and curing.
  • Before handling the Trail Scale, make sure your hands are very clean and free of grease, dirt, or other contaminants. Your work space should be free of air born dust. It is recommended to install your Trail Scale indoors as wind can make install more difficult.
  • With a friend, carefully peel the backing paper from the Trail Scale. This is best done if you can put the Trail Scale on a table, or if needed a clean floor surface. Taping the edge of the Trail Scale down can make removing the Trail Scale from it’s backing paper easier. Have your friend spray the sticky side of the Trail Scale with glass cleaner containing ammonia. It is OK to soak the Trail Scale with glass cleaner. The more that is on it, the easier it is to position the Trail Scale. 
  • Align your Trail Scale on your door. The Trail Scale will slide on the paint if you have used a liberal amount of glass cleaner.
  • The Trail Scale is cut to fit the flat surfaces of your door. No part of the Trail Scale should be overhanging the door or any part of the curved pieces of the door around the handle or hinges. If the Trail Scale is left hanging over a curved edge, it may get dirt or water under it. The tolerance on Trail Scales is small, so check every edge for over hanging before any final use of the squeegee.
  • Start by aligning the Trail Scale below the window at the top. It should sit 1mm below the top of the door.
  • Slide the Trail Scale carefully on the door so that it is rotates straight and in line with the top of the door.
  • Before applying any pressure to the Trail Scale, check every edge around the door, there should be approximately 1mm space around the entire perimeter of the door.
  • Check that the Trail Scale is aligned with the door hinge, and properly centered over the door handle.
  • Once you are happy with the alignment of the Trail Scale, start by using your squeegee to glide across the top inch of the Trail Scale, tacking it in place.
  • The first pass across the top inch should be light in pressure as you do not want the Trail Scale to slip. Slowly add more pressure to your tacked top until it is adhered to the door.
  • Check all your edges once again to make sure there was no movement before applying any more pressure to the trail scale.
  • If the Trail Scale is still aligned, then start to squeegee out the rest of the glass cleaner.
  • Start at the top of the Trail Scale, and holding the squeegee at a 45 degree angle, use the squeegee to sweep left to right, back and forth across the Trail Scale using a medium amount of pressure to squeeze the liquid out. 
  • Sweeping back and forth across the Trail Scale work your way from the top to the bottom, letting the glass cleaner egress out the sides and then then bottom.
  • Once all the liquid is pushed out, go over the Trail Scale one more time from top to bottom make sure nothing was missed. Once the Trail Scale starts to cure it is very hard to egress out missed liquid.
  • If any parts of the Trail Scale were applied over an existing dent or damage to the door, it is recommended to wait until the Trail Scale begins to dry and then you can press that portion of the scale into the door damage. The Trail Scale's adhesive becomes stickier as it dries.
  • Check back after a few hours of curing to make sure no air bubbles have come up. They can be pushed back down by carefully using the squeegee to work them out.
  • Trail Scales take 24 to 48hrs to properly cure and dry. Avoid wet weather, dirt, direct sun or washing during this time or you may damage your Trail Scales.



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