Are Trail Scales easy to install?

  • Yes, we ship our products world wide and have had people of all ages, genders and craftsmanship install our products.

How do I receive my Trail Scales?

  • We package them very well in a cardboard box for added protection.

Who can install these for me if I am unable?

  • Any vehcile related graphic install or vehcile wrap shop should be able to assist you.

How long till I get my item?

  • Please keep in mind that all our items are manufactured when ordered. We strive to have all orders out the door in 5-10 business days after your order has come through. With the latest saftey measures we are now around 5-20 business days.

Can I custom design my own set?

  • Yes, absolutely. We have qualified staff of graphic designers with more than 30 years experience and they can assist in making your dream graphics come true. Keeping in mind this is an extra charge and you get three revisions, after that another additional design charge will be implimented.

Can I charge the colors of the camo design?

  • Yes, in fact you can change the colors on any of our designs. There is an added custom color charge. In some cases we recommend purchasing the color swatch to make sure you are picking the right colors to best suite your taste and Jeep.

If I pick a custom color how do I know if it will match my Jeep color?

  • If you are going with a solid color set that isn't white or black we recommend first ordering the color swatch kit so you can pick the color that best suites your Jeep. We will ship you a full set of custom color swatches in our actual product material as the thick armor can change the color slightly, especially if your Jeep is slightly older or has seen lots of heat/ sun then this can slightly alter the color of your Jeep compared to that of new paint quality.

Why do I need to pay for the color swatch?

  • If you purchase a color swatch and end up buying a kit from us we reimburse you the color swatch amount. It is mainly to cover out costs associated with producing the color swatch and the express shipping costs to get you them as soon as possible.

Do you accept Returns?

  • No, all sales are final so please carefully review your order before checking out. Make sure your order looks correct and all your personal information is correct. But! If you received damaged good please contact us right away and we will be happy to work with you.

Are all Sales final?

  • Yes, we make to order. So once your oder is in, we begin manufacturing your item or items. For this reason we cannot stop the process once it stops.

Will Trail Scales wreck my paint when being removed?

  • Prior to installing our kits make sure your paint is not bubbling or pealing. As Trail Scales are very adhesive, when removing them we suggest you use a heat gun to heat the adhesive to assist in the removal. If your paint is good prior to the installation your paint should be fine. If you have some bubbling and peeling some paint or clear coat could come off on removal. Please be careful as we are not held responsible for any paint or clear coat that may peel and come off. 


Please contact us at Info@TrailScales.com at anytime.

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